Couples Costumes

Couples Costumes

It does not matter whether they are trying to make a statement or have a bit of fun there are lot of costumes that will allow couples to have a theme to their fancy dress costumes. It will not just be the obvious pantomime horse or Batman and Robin, but there is now a lot more thought put into the couple costumes that are for rent or for sale.

When it comes to fun, animal couple costumes will be a great idea. Who would not smile when they saw a couple walking through the door dressed as a dog and fire hydrant or a monkey and banana? Animal and adult combinations are very popular and one reason for this can be the fact that some people are a little more reserved than others and while they don’t mind going as part of a couple so or want to be the unusual half. A beekeeper can turn up with a bee – ideal if one of the couple is a little rotund- and a farmer can bring along virtually any animal from his farm. This will be the same when it comes to a zoo keeper.

If there are people who have a slightly sick sense of humor then they are catered for as well when it comes to couple costumes. There is the driver and road kill as well as the shark and their victim. An exterminator will be accompanied by a mouse and hopefully the animal will survive the night unscathed.

Famous couple costumes will range from cartoon characters to real people from history. Bonnie and Clyde will represent the famous criminals and this section can also include film or TV criminals such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Political couples are often represented and it is likely that it will be Bill and Hillary Clinton and Michelle and Barack Obama who make an appearance.

Couple costumes will be easy to find or make even of you want to go as an inanimate object. It may be a bit hard to disguise arms and legs, but there are ways to do it. We hear so much about coach potatoes that there are costumes that will allow a couple to dress as one and be accompanied by their remote control. A tree and leaves will make it easier to bring in the arms as these can be branches, and when it comes to the leaves there are two different types. One is an undergarment that has dozens and dozens of leaf motifs attached while the other is made of cardboard and has a back and front both shaped like a leaf and with the person in between the two.

It does not have to cost a lot to wear couples costumes as a cheap one will be the clothesline. Black trousers and t shirts are worn and a large piece of rope attaches the wearers to each other. Then they peg on clothes. Only downside to this is when the bathroom is needed.

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